Raspberry Pi Alternatives

A small comparison of current board models.

Raspberry Pi
Odroid U2
ASRock AD2550-ITX
BeagleBone Black
Cubieboard 2
Hackberry A10
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Raspberry Pi Model BOdroid U2ASRock AD2550-ITXBeagleBone BlackCubieboard 2Gooseberry BoardHackberry A10
CPU1 x 700 MHz4 x 1,7 GHz2 x 1.86 GHz Intel Atom D25501 x 1 GHz AM33592 x 1 GHz ARM Cortex-A71 x 1 GHz ARM Cortex-A81 x 1 GHz ARM Cortex-A8
GPUBroadcom VideoCore IVMali 400 Quad Core 440MHzPowerVR SGX545PowerVR SGX530Mali 400mp2Mali 400Mali 400
RAM512 MB SD2 GB DDR20 / 4 GB DDR3512 MB DDR31 GB DDR3512 MB ?1 GB DDR3
LAN10 / 10010 / 10010 / 100 / 100010 / 10010 / 100WiFi 802.11 b/g/n10 / 100, 802.11n WiFi
USB2 x USB 2.02 x USB 2.0, 1 x Micro USB4 x USB 2.0, 2 x USB 3.01 x USB 2.0, 1 x Micro USB2 x USB 2.01 x Micro USB2 x USB 2.0
StorageSD, MMC, SDIOMicro SD2 x SATA22 GB OnBoard, Micro SD4 GB OnBoard, SATA, Micro SD4 GB OnBoard, Micro SD4 GB OnBoard, SDHC
Audio Output3.5mm Jack, HDMI3.5mm Jack3.5mm Jack: Rear Speaker / Central / Bass / Line in / Front Speaker / MicrophoneMicro HDMI3.5mm Jack, HDMI3.5mm JackHDMI
OSLinuxAndroid 4.0.xAllLinuxLinux, AndroidAndroid 4Android 4, Ubuntu
PCB Size86 x 54 x 17 mm48 x 52 mm170 x 170 mm Mini-ATX86 x 53 mm100 x 60 x 37 mm?86 x 54 mm
Power Supply5V 1.2A, 4-7 EUR5V 2A, 9 USD32 EUR incl. caseUSB, 5V 1A optional5V 2A, 7 EURUSB, 5V optionalincluded
Price38 EUR89 + 30 USD65 EUR50 EUR52 EUR47 EUR + shipping50 EUR + 26 USD



The BeagleBone fails to deliver full HD, so despite being an interesting board it’s not a real RaspPi alternative. The Odroid U2 is shipped with a beautiful aluminium case, infinite processing power and is half the size of a Pi. Probably the sexiest-board-alive, but it costs 120 USD. That could be enough to buy the ASRock Mini-ATX board, some cheap DDR3 RAM and a case with included power supply. Definitely bigger, but extendable. The Gooseberry board is currently not available and the Hackberry board offers a weaker performance than the Cubieboard 2 for the same price. So the only real alternative to a Raspberry Pi seems to be the Cubieboard 2. It offers more processing power and costs only ~ 15 EUR more than the Pi. Depending on the use case it might be a good choice, though I don’t know how well it performs as a media center and full HD player yet. From what I have read, there has been no initial XBMC support for the Allwinner CPUs, which have become very popular for cheap Android boards these days. But there has been some progress regarding XBMC lately and after all the Cubieboard 2 is still a brand new product.

Update 1

Added the Hackberry A10 board. This is a really interesting board with a competetive price.

Update 2

I found a store that sells the Cubieboard for 52 EUR incl. shipping (it was 70 EUR before). It think the board is now beating all of it’s competitors.