JRebel stops redeploying in Java development

I found a very promising Eclipse plugin called JRebel. Here is a short information snippet from the JRebel website:

* **Lets You See Changes to Code Instantly**
  Without JRebel, Avg. redeploy time is 3.1 minutes, 4x per hour
* **Handles Lots of Changes**
  Class Structures, Frameworks, Java EE
* **Enables Instant Builds**
  Eliminates the build & redeploy phases
* **Supports your Stack**
  All major containers, frameworks, IDEs...with no memory leaks

Unfortunately it costs between 140 and 365 dollars per year, depending on the size of your team. There is a 30 days trial version though and you could also go for the JRebel “Sociel Free” version, which is limited to non-commercial projects and will publish some statistic information on how the plugin performed for you. Currently I can’t afford to buy it, but boy would I love to do that. My currcent redeployment cycles hurt so fucking bad.